A s o c i a c i ó n    E s p a ñ o l a    d e    E c o t u r i s m o    A c t i v o    C a m p a m e n t o s    S o l i d a r i o s


The Sine and Saloum Rivers meet at the south of the city of Mbour, forming a large delta at its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. The region, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, is an infinite maze of mangroves, sandy islands and ceibas, baobabs and palm forests and is full of migratory water birds during the winter. Faoye, Simal, Palmarin or Toubakouta are some of the places with the most spectacular landscapes. Exploring this area by canoe is an exceptional adventure.

The “petite côte” in Sali has sandy beaches and a variety of tourist accommodation. Nearby is the reserve of Bandia, a native well-preserved forest of acacias and baobab where one can observe the great protagonists of African wildlife in semi-freedom.

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