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In East Senegal (Bassari Country) and managed by the Malenke tribe of the village.

Nine bedrooms/huts built by the Bassari next to the river Gambia surrounded by the Niokolo Koba National.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom and there are restaurant, bar and viewing areas to observe the hippopotami.

Activities are organised such as Malenke masked festivals, visits to Bassari and Bedik villages, photographic safaris and trekking on Fouta Djalón and Guinea Conakry mountains.


The rural community of Tomboronkoto is formed by several villages of the Malenke, Bassari, Bedik and Peuls ethnic groups. From Badian camp we effect development projects in education (schools and colleges), health (dispensary), infrastructure (renewable energy, fresh-water wells, sanitation and vegetable), cultural enhancement (crafts, masks, dances and music) and sport.

Projects are funded by Campamentos Solidarios or with input from partners (corporate social responsibility, solidarity events and donations).

Some projects are also carried out in the rural community of Bandafassi or Mali, border countries of the region.

Asociación Española de Ecoturismo Activo Campamentos Solidarios . Santa Engracia 17 6°2. 28010 Madrid . asociacion@campamentos-solidarios.org